Security of Electronic Voting in the United States

COAR team member Mike Thompson along with graduate research associate Charity King published an article entitled, “Security of Electronic Voting in the United States” in the George Mason University’s September/October Cybersecurity focused CIP Report. The CIP Report is a digital collection of articles written by various industry, government, academia, and national laboratories. The article looks to highlight the current high-profile 2016 presidential election and the potential for a cyber attack to disrupt or alter the data within voting machines. It summarizes that while a single cyber attack would be unlikely to bring down all the voting machines within the United States, any attack would impact the confidence level of the election. The article goes into the current landscape of voting machines and how industry manufacturers of the voting machine have drastically changed within the last decade. To read the whole article, please visit: Security of Electronic Voting in the United States.

This post was written by: Mike Thompson & Charity King