Argonne National Laboratory’s Cyber Team

Our Cyber team’s mission is to defend the prosperity and security of the nation by advancing cybersecurity and shifting our defenses from reactive to proactive through cutting edge research, analysis, intelligence, and situational awareness.

Recent News:

Department of Energy’s Annual Cyber Defense Competition


The ever-increasing amount of Internet technology in the modern day makes security a high priority and causes a high demand for cybersecurity professionals in the United States.  In fact, ISACA predicts a global shortage of two million cyber professionals by 2019.[1]  Unfilled cybersecurity careers will reach over 1.5 million by 2019. With the ever-increasing amount of technology placed on the internet, security becomes a high priority. The Department of Energy (DOE), capitalizing on the expertise of current national laboratory staff that previously hosted two successful cyber defense competitions to exercise interactive, scenario-based events, where teams engage in cybersecurity activities includes methods, practices, strategy, policy, and ethics. Through the cyber defense competitions, DOE has worked to increase 1) hands-on cyber education to college students and professionals, 2) awareness into the critical infrastructure and cyber security nexus,  and  3)  basic  understanding  of  cyber  security  within  a  real  world scenario.

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Meltdown, Spectre, and Speculative Execution, Oh My!

Official Site for Spectre and Meltdown

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Modern processors are very complex and, as such, contain some features that make use of advanced techniques to provide users with faster execution times. One of these features utilizes speculative execution, a technique that utilizes additional memory in order to save time in the long run. Since this may not be a well-known concept outside of lower-level programming, here is a small example to provide context.

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New Year, New (Cyber) Me

People typically use the dawn of the new year to shed the old habits that have crept up through the year and spawn new, better, and hopefully healthier habits. Do not limit yourself to just physical goals! The new year poses an excellent chance to take a good look at your cyber hygiene and pick one or two things that might give you some additional protection. Here are some tips that might get you started

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