COAR Summer Internships now OPEN

COAR is looking for summer interns! Working with a diverse group of institutional collaborators, RISC’s COAR team provides operations, subject matter expert and research support for a wide range of initiatives.

The Summer 2016 Internship Application Period has begun. Please take note of the information provided below:

  • ALL applications require 2 letters of recommendation as well as the online application. NO application will be reviewed until both recommendations are turned in. We recommend that 1 recommendation come from a current/previous employer if possible.
  • Please note the order of the applications, as preference to applicants begins with #1 in your designated grade area. Please verify that you meet the eligibility requirements for that specific internship before you submit. (e.g., HS-STEM is recommended as the first place to apply for undergrads, etc.)
  • As a note, if you apply to HS-STEM program as an undergrad or graduate, it is also recommended that you apply to one other program within your grade area in order to increase your ability of ANL selecting you.
  • If you apply with the SULI program but are not selected to be a part of the SULI program then your application will automatically move to the Argonne National Laboratory SRP and Research Aide application pool.
  • If you do not submit an application with SULI, you will need to apply to the SRP/Research Aide program. Only one application is needed within the Argonne web portal.

If you are an undergraduate student:

If you are a graduate student:

If you are a doctoral student:

This post was written by Amanda Joyce