Women in Cybersecurity

The Current Trend

Despite intense growth in the field of cybersecurity, women continue to form merely a small minority of the cybersecurity workforce.  The industry currently boasts approximately one million available jobs, and the number is expected to increase to 1.5 million available jobs by 2019.  However, women only hold about one in every 10 positions[1] in the cybersecurity industry, constituting a meager 8-13 percent[2] of cybersecurity professionals overall.  Figure 1 below illustrates a comparison of the amount of women in computer science-related studies versus alternative fields:


A number of possible reasons have been suggested for the lack of women in the cybersecurity workforce.  For example, the information-security organization CREST discusses a deficiency in computer-science courses among secondary schools.[3]  Without proper exposure to the field, many women remain unaware of their opportunities.  Similarly, the workforce itself has witnessed a lack of mentorship that encourages women to pursue advancement in cybersecurity.[4]  Instead of encouragement, the National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI) argues that the marketing industry tends to use aggressive, more masculine terminology in relation to cybersecurity, selecting phrases such as “combat cyberthreats” or “fortify digital defenses”.[5]  The entertainment industry also tends to portray men more often than women in mathematical, scientific, or technical television and film roles.3  As a result, women may pursue fields that offer a more welcoming environment. Read more

Reddit AMA: The ins and outs of working in cybersecurity

UPDATE: Reddit AMA is here: https://redd.it/5gujag

coffee-and-tea-1359055910Join the live Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) online event TODAY at 1 p.m. to learn about available cyber security jobs in Argonne’s  Cyber Operations, Analysis and Research (COAR) team, part of the Risk and Infrastructure Science Center (RISC). Current team members stand ready to answer your questions about what it’s like to work in cyber security at a national laboratory.

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Cyber Security Opportunities at Argonne

COAR is looking for creative individuals with strong problem-solving skills to join our dynamic group! As a cybersecurity team, our mission is to strengthen and defend our nation’s critical infrastructure by analyzing, developing, and implementing novel cyber solutions that penetrate three key areas: cyber intelligence, cyber physical, and cyber resilience.

Those joining in our mission will have the resources to pursue new research ideas, flexibility that supports a healthy work-life balance, and fulfillment through numerous career advancement and professional development opportunities.

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Argonne National Laboratory 2016 Cyber Defense Competition

Picture1Over the weekend, Argonne National Laboratory held its first annual collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CDC). The competition was composed of eight collegiate teams from around the midwest.

The objective for each Blue Team (defenders) was to secure a given business network infrastructure (including a mock industrial control system) against  the  unwarranted  attacks  of  the Red Team (attackers),  all  while  attempting  to  keep  established  services running and providing customer assistance for services to the Green Team (users).

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Puzzle #2 Posted for Cyber Defense Competition

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We’ve got another puzzle for you, one that will put your hacking skills to the test. Find the solution and you’ll unveil a new clue about the Cyber Defense Competition (CDC) on April 23.

Send the correct answer to [email protected] before next Wednesday, April 6 and be recognized as one of our winners on the Cyber Defense Competition website. Let the game begin.

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Retail Information Sharing and Analysis Center Highlights Benefits of Information Sharing

Retail cyber attacks have been increasing each year as a result of the vulnerabilities in point-of-sale (POS) systems and ecommerce.1 Well-known retailers like Neiman Marcus,2 Michaels,3 Sally Beauty Supply,4 P.F. Chang’s,5 and Target Inc.6 have been victims of recent cyber attacks. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which joined in the investigations of the breaches, indicated that the attacks were carried out using memory-parsing malware in the POS systems.7

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Summer Intern Josh Lyle Featured on Life at Argonne

Josh Lyle was a 2015 summer intern in cyber security.One of our summer interns, Josh Lyle, was recently featured on the Life at Argonne page. Josh worked on a handful of projects for us last summer, including our work in progress Mobile Encryption Gateway. Though he’s not actively working with us any more, we look forward to seeing what comes from Josh in the future! Josh is a student at Mississippi State University where he studies computer science.

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