The Cyber team is hiring!
The program is growing and Argonne has opened several positions in cyber security, cyber analysis, and cyber research at all levels of appointment starting at the junior all the way to highest level, including leadership positions.

Make a Difference in a Unique Environment

Argonne National Laboratory is a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, where “dream teams” of world-class researchers work alongside experts from industry, academia and other government laboratories to address vital national challenges in clean energy, environment, technology and national security.

Through collaborations with researchers here at Argonne and around the world, we strive to discover new ways to develop energy innovations through science, create novel materials molecule-by-molecule, and gain a deeper understanding of our planet, our climate and the cosmos.

Surrounded by the highest concentration of top-tier research organizations in the world, Argonne leverages its Chicago-area location to lead discovery and to power innovation in a wide range of core scientific capabilities, from high-energy physics and materials science to structural biology and advanced computer science.

Join a Best-in-Class Cybersecurity Team

Argonne’s Strategic Security Sciences (SSS) Division develops innovative decision support tools, including simulation models, databases, and analytical methodologies that can be used to provide quantitative information to decision makers; applies these tools to the analysis and solution of problems of national, local and international significance; and transfers these tools to the community of researchers and end users for their own implementation.

SSS seeks top-tier talent to be part of its Cyber team. Our mission is to drive cybersecurity initiatives and to work as an active participant in present and future research and development plans. Working with a diverse group of institutional collaborators, the Cyber team provides operations, subject-matter expert, and research support for a wide range of initiatives, such as:

  • Providing Information Systems Security Officer support for many government certification and accreditation systems
  • Supporting operational cybersecurity needs of the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002;
  • Contributing subject matter expertise to a variety of programs both inside the laboratory and across other organizations; and
  • Perform field assessments on cyber infrastructure across the nation.

Career Options Abound

Cyber team members enjoy diverse and challenging set of responsibilities, such as those shown below.

 Operations  Subject Matter Expertise (Analysis & Training)  Research
  • Design system architecture
  • Defend networks from cyber threats
  • Review code before deployment
  • Evaluate environments through penetration testing and internal audits
  • Supply cyber expertise to sponsors
    and collaborators
  • Provide analysis, field assessments to sponsors, collaborators and the larger cybersecurity community
  • Deliver educational outreach for sponsors and analysts
  • Generate research ideas
  • Build partnerships (with other labs,universities and industries)
  • Implement pilots and proofs of concept
  • Produce papers and proposals

Never the Same Project Twice

Argonne hires, develops and retains top-quality staff. We offer job stability, advancement, outstanding benefits and the opportunity to contribute to and support research that addresses our nation’s challenges and advances the frontiers of science and technology. As an employee at Argonne, you can grow your career through mentoring and leadership development, as well as advancing as a result of performance excellence.

Because Argonne engages in an ever-changing list of projects with an always-evolving list of sponsors, your career will advance as your skills and professional expertise grow. Commensurate with your contributions, you can expect a career at Argonne to be stimulating, rewarding and challenging.

Competitive Benefits and Amenities

Argonne National Laboratory is situated amidst green, wooded grounds similar to a university campus, a short distance from downtown Chicago. Facilities are attractive and modern, and staff works with the latest technology to get research done. You’ll see groups of employees working, talking and walking together. You’ll note the emphasis is on work excellence in a relaxed atmosphere. As well as your day-to-day work, you can participate in social and outreach activities to fill out your life. Working at Argonne is a lifestyle.