Argonne’s Cyber Defense Competition Provides a Unique Spin on the Traditional Competition Space

Argonne National Laboratory’s Cyber Defense Competition

Argonne National Laboratory’s Cyber Operations, Analysis and Research (COAR) team partnered with Education is hosting their second Annual Cyber Defense Competition on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at Argonne National Laboratory. This competition seeks college students from varying levels of higher education and regions within the United States to defend a real-world simulation of an energy and water distribution system. Read more

Cyber Defense Competition – Puzzle #3


We’re now sufficiently down the rabbit hole – are you up for a stroll in wonderland?

If so, test your crypto skills by cracking puzzle #3, Meditullium.

This is the third of four puzzles, each of which increases in complexity.

May the odds be in your favor.

If you think you have the correct solution, email [email protected], and the Puzzlemaster will let you know if you have successfully solved the puzzle.

47 6f 6f 64 20 4c 75 63 6b 0d 0

This post was written for the 2017 Cyber Defense Competition.