Cyber Security Opportunities at Argonne

COAR is looking for creative individuals with strong problem-solving skills to join our dynamic group! As a cybersecurity team, our mission is to strengthen and defend our nation’s critical infrastructure by analyzing, developing, and implementing novel cyber solutions that penetrate three key areas: cyber intelligence, cyber physical, and cyber resilience.

Those joining in our mission will have the resources to pursue new research ideas, flexibility that supports a healthy work-life balance, and fulfillment through numerous career advancement and professional development opportunities.

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Cyber Defense Competition – Puzzle #1

A Challenge.

Argonne National Laboratory’s Second Cyber Defense Competition (CDC) will be held on April 1, 2017.

Test your hacking skills by cracking puzzle #1.

There will be four puzzles, each of which increases in complexity.

The puzzle can be found here: Puzzle 1

May the odds be in your favor.

If you think you have the correct solution, email [email protected], and the puzzlemaster will let you know if you have successfully completed your mission.

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This post was written for the 2017 Cyber Defense Competition.

Moving Target Defense Collaboration with AFRL, Ratheon BBN, and FIT

more-anim12-for_gif2In October, the COAR team launched an initial collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory, Ratheon BBN, and Florida Institute of Technology to test our Multiple OS Rotational Environment for Moving Target Defense (MORE MTD) technology. MORE is a rotational environment that runs an application on several different OS platforms to thwart attacker reconnaissance efforts and improve application resilience to the threat of zero day exploits. Read more about our Moving Target Defense technologies here.

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