Argonne Visits MSU

MSU-1Because of a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Mississippi State University (MSU) and Argonne, the COAR group (Roland Varriale, Mike Thompson, Nate Evans, and Amanda Joyce) got a chance to visit the campus to meet with potential collaborators and interview students.

Our first day was a whirlwind of multimodal traveling that took us from Chicago to Starkville, MS by way of Birmingham, AL. After a brief lunch, we interviewed our first set of students for the following four hours, and again on the afternoon of our second day. What amazes me every time I go to a college campus and speak with perspective students is the myriad of personalities and experiences that are present within the same program. Some students came from extremely technical backgrounds and have been programming from a young ages whereas others have completed other degrees and found computer science or security as a passion of theirs and went to pursue it. Security is a unique field because you can approach it from a number of different directions and uncover facets that may have gone unnoticed. This variety of talents gives the interviewers a sort of puzzle where you try and embrace the interviewee’s diversity and try and place it into the security solution you are trying to form. Read more